Louvered Roof Pergolas

The weather changes, not your outdoor experience.

The R-BLADE is made to let you face the sun or block it out at your convenience—all thanks to its adjustable louvers.

It’s more than just an impeccably designed structure, we give you the power to transform any outdoor space into an extended, relaxing living area protected from the elements.

Accessorize with fans, heaters, or screens, and manage the temperature as you see fit!

Additional Options

Fixed Roof Pergolas Optimized for Shade

A weatherproof outdoor all year long.

We’ll custom engineering a design, whether you want it mounted to your building or built as a freestanding unit. You can add a fan or LED lighting underneath, screens on the sides and even solar panels on top of your pergola to produce your own green energy.

And like all our products, it’s built for the elements — so you can rest easy.

  • Strength –  Designed to withstand climate, so it will stand strong in any kind of weather.
  • Luxury style – An elegant, streamlined design, the perfect addition to any home.
  • Heat Management – Insulated roof designed to keep you cool throughout the day.
  • Solar Energy – The pergola can be outfitted with solar panels to power embedded accessories.


A private space in the open-air.

Our K-BANA’s manual louvers let you customize the light, while integrated gutters keep drainage out of sight. Available in three standard sizes that can be mixed for endless possibilities, KBANA is perfect for any home or business.

Plus, the integrated floor frame allows you to easily install any personalized finished flooring.

  • Modular – Fully customizablefrom walls to floors
  • Easy-to-install – No footings required, installs in a few hours.
  • Multi-purpose – Multiple configurations of framesand panels combined with louvered roof.
  • Award winning design – Durable and flexible outdoor space.

3 in 1 Pool Covers

Optimize your pool space over the seasons.

You’ll love how easy the sliding deck is to use.

Whether you want to go for a dip or gather for a pool, we can help you maximize every inch of your outdoor space.
When it’s time for a swim, press a button and the insulated, solar powered cover will open in seconds. Close it up when you’re done to keep your pets or children safe. Then take advantage of your expanded entertaining space, with strength and stability to hold your patio furniture — and a crowd of friends.

POOLDECK comes in a variety of modular sizes and shapes to seamlessly blend in with your pool and its surroundings


  • Triple Use Coverage –  -A very clever mechanized innovation that transforms your pool cover into a deck or a patio and makes the most of the pool area square footage.
  • Outdoor Lounging Area – The sturdy decking can support patio furniture while providing an attractive space upon which to entertain guests.
  • Ease or Operation – With the push of a button, the motorized deck slides aside creating an instant pool-side patio. Available in numerous configurations to fit almost any pool.